What to Do with Damaged Braces

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Your braces were designed to be sturdy enough to handle your every day chewing and speaking needs. However, there are circumstances when they can certainly be damaged – if you indulge in a particularly sticky or hard food or find yourself in a sports accident or car accident, for example.

When this happens, you should not delay in calling 408-997-7772 to have Dr. Christopher Corsa address the problem. Never try to repair the damaged braces yourself. This can do more harm than help.

If your braces suffered significant damage and a sharp point is poking at your cheek or gums, you can cover it in orthodontic wax. If you don’t have any on hand, try improvising with a small piece of pencil eraser. This can help protect your mouth before your appointment.

If your spacer feels loose or falls out, contact Corsa Orthodontics immediately – even if it’s just before an appointment. Most of the time, Dr. Corsa will ask you to schedule an earlier one. If you’ve had braces installed at Corsa Orthodontics in San Jose, California and they have been damaged, call 408-997-7772 as soon as possible and we will help you schedule an emergency appointment.