The Adolescent Years Are the Best Time to Get Braces

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The Adolescent Years Are the Best Time to Get Braces

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Does your child have crooked teeth? If so, they most likely have a lower self-esteem as well as a sub-par oral health. It’s best to consider aligning their smile with braces so they can have the appearance they need and the health they want. Our orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Corsa, recommends that your child aligns their teeth during their adolescent years. This is the best time.

The first reason why this is the case is because all of your child’s permanent teeth have grown into place but the jawbone and mouth are still developing. Because they are still developing, it makes it easier to shift and move the teeth. The jawbone will change with the associated pressure and will make the treatment easy, simple, and maybe even faster.

The second reason why this is the case is because braces and other orthodontic appliances are common around school and extracurricular activities. This means your child can still “fit in” if they have braces. In fact, your child might even want to have braces so they can be like the cool kids on campus.

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