Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

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Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ disorder, is a painful condition that affects the joints of the upper and lower jaws at the point where they connect to the head. This type of disorder usually starts out as a dull and consistent ache near the ears or temples and is accompanied by pain while using the mouth for things like eating or chewing.

Most cases of TMJ disorder are inflammations that develop due to teeth grinding. Other times TMJ disorder is caused by arthritis, damage to the ball and socket joints, or previous dislocations.

Treatment options vary depending on the origin of the disorder. This is why Corsa Orthodontics has developed an effective process for treating TMJ pain. Initially, the patient will be advised to eat only soft foods or to apply heat on the jaw to ease the muscles. More advanced options may be needed if these treatments are unsuccessful.

If the TMJ disorder is attributable to teeth grinding, the patient will be prescribed a custom mouth guard to wear while sleeping. This guard will slide over the teeth and will protect them from damage. This mouth guard will also work to relax the muscles of the jaw. Patients may also be given rehabilitation exercises to do to help strengthen the muscles of the jaw. Oftentimes patients are also given medications for relaxing the muscles as well as anti-inflammatory medication.

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