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When it comes to the types of braces you can choose to create a beautiful smile, ceramic braces are one of the most cosmetic options for orthodontic treatment. This is because they use a tooth-colored material that is shaded to your natural tooth color for a more discreet appearance.

We can help you keep your ceramic braces beautiful with tips on daily care and which habits you may want to avoid. Though braces appliances are durable, they can be broken or affected by tooth decay, which may set you back on your progress for proper tooth alignment.

Just like when you clean your natural teeth, you should brush your braces appliance twice a day and thoroughly floss around the gums and between each tooth. We recommend flossing at night after you have finished eating for the day. You are welcome to speak with Dr. Christopher Corsa about using an interdental brush and floss threader if you are struggling with the cleaning process.

We encourage you to avoid foods and oral habits that are risky for ceramic braces, such as sticky foods and chewing gum because these can break the wires and bands or cause them to come loose. Similarly, you should avoid hard foods and candies as well as chewing on ice and pens.

If you frequently consume dark foods and drinks, you could be darkening the exposed tooth enamel and causing your teeth to develop tooth stains that will make them a different color than your braces. When consuming dark beverages, it’s best to do so sparingly and use a straw, and then clean your teeth afterward.

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