Maintaining Braces

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The braces hardware installed in your mouth at Dr. Christopher Corsa’s San Jose, California clinic is made from rather durable elements, cemented onto the faces of your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. While this creates a solid unit suited for the rigors of daily use and orthodontic realignment, they are not impervious to damage and tooth decay.

If you develop cavities, or any element of braces hardware is damaged or loosened, it could significantly increase the amount of time it takes to fully realign your teeth. To help prevent this from happening, Dr. Christopher Corsa recommends avoiding chewing gum, as well as eating sticky and chewy foods.

Along with this, it’s important to brush your teeth twice a day and perform a thorough flossing in the evening. To help clean around hard to reach places, you might want to try using interdental brushes, a floss threader, or a dental water flosser.

If any part of your braces is damaged, bent or loosened, you should not delay in calling 408-997-7772 to have it addressed at Dr. Christopher Corsa’s orthodontic clinic. In the interim, there are a few things you can do to reduce your chances of suffering further complications.

When Dr. Christopher Corsa initially installed your braces, you were given a piece of special orthodontic wax. If a sharp point is threatening your cheek or gums, you can secure it inside the wax to prevent further injury. If you don’t have the wax on-hand, you might be able to improvise with a modest piece of a pencil eraser.

Sometimes a spacer might fall out right before an upcoming adjustment session, you should call Dr. Christopher Corsa’s clinic for further advice. Most of the time, he will simply suggest scheduling an earlier adjustment.

If you had braces installed at Dr. Christopher Corsa’s San Jose, California orthodontic clinic and you have an issue, you should call 408-997-7772 to have it addressed as soon as possible.