Does Your Smile Suffer from Misalignment Issues?

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Does Your Smile Suffer from Misalignment Issues?

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Does your smile suffer from misalignment issues? Are your crooked teeth constantly ruining your social interactions? No matter if your teeth have become misaligned due to environment factors, oral accidents, or bad genetics, you too can have a straight smile that rivals that of movie stars. With an orthodontic treatment such as braces from our team at Corsa Orthodontics, your first steps towards a wonderfully straight smile can be yours. Listed below are some frequently asked questions about braces:

What are some of the popular health benefits of braces?
– Braces can be used to repair malocclusions, also called bad bites, and lower your risk for any temporomandibular joint disorders in your jaw. Straighter teeth are also healthier, easier to clean, less likely to fracture, and are at a lower risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

Are there any mental health benefits of braces?
– The health of your teeth often plays a gigantic role in your social standing. Straight smiles are known to improve social relations and boost your self-esteem and self-image.

How can braces make your smile more appealing?
– With a set of braces, your lips and teeth can be properly aligned with your jaw and face resulting in a more beautiful, straighter smile.

What is the time frame for braces?
– Depending on the severity of your misalignment and your treatment method, treatment with a standard pair of braces can take roughly one and a half to two years.

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