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Inconsistent oral hygiene habits are sometimes common with young children and adolescents. If your child fails to consistently brush and floss they can be at increased risk of suffering from cavities. In some of these cases, severe tooth decay can lead to tooth loss. Our team here at Corsa Orthodontics want to work to avoid this complication and give your child the smile they need and deserve.

The premature structural void left by the missing tooth could eventually cause alignment issues with the permanent teeth that eventually develop in the area. This could leave your son or daughter with an unattractive smile while also increasing their chances of suffering from chipped and fractured teeth.  

If your child has multiple misaligned teeth, an orthodontist like Dr. Christopher Corsa might recommend traditional braces. Once he has installed the various hardware components in their mouth, your child will need to return for regularly schedule adjustments to gradually tighten the braces and move their teeth toward their corrected position.   

If you live in the San Jose, California, area and you are concerned about the alignment of your child’s teeth, we invite you to call 408-997-7772 to set up a consultation appointment at Corsa Orthodontics. Our team of professionals will be happy to serve your child today!